Why Choose Us

Our Ethos

At Lower Earley Family Dental, we are committed to providing high quality dental treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We are a family-orientated practice located in the heart of Lower Earley and pride ourselves on providing personalised care to every individual.

What Makes Us Different?

We aim to deliver professional dental care in a peaceful and relaxing setting for our community. Nervous patients are welcome to address their concerns in an environment where they feel comfortable, and we can help children to leave their first dentist visit feeling excited and confident about returning in the future.

We are passionate about being able to help shape first impressions positively, whether that be first impressions of our practice, or of dentistry in general. Our calm and relaxed approach to dental healthcare sets us apart from other dental practices and is why we can proudly call ourselves Lower Earley’s Family Dental Practice.

Visiting Made Easy

We believe dental appointments shouldn’t be something you dread every time they come around. They should only occupy a small portion of your day and be flexible to suit your lifestyle, rather than re-arranging everything to have a practice “fit you in”.
Our flexible appointments give peace of mind to patients attending the practice, from general check-ups to surgical procedures. We will always strive to accommodate each patient at our surgery as best as we can.

Before You Arrive

To make your appointments run as smoothly as possible, we have a paperless system in place for all patients. Before you even step foot in the surgery, Lower Earley Family Dental will have already taken care of the simple forms and minor details. With the help of our lovely reception team, we will already have all of the information we need for your visit!

This leads to a stress-free arrival at the practice. No bombarding you with forms or personal questions upon arrival. Just bring yourself (and your teeth!). We will take care of the rest.

Supporting the Local Community

Lower Earley Family Dental is proud to support the local community. We currently sponsor two cricket teams and one football team as we believe that giving back to our community is the best thing to do!
We’re strongly invested in the local community and aim to provide families across Lower Earley (and beyond) with excellent dental care.