Dental Check-Ups

What is a Dental Check-Up Appointment?

A dental check-up is simply a dedicated appointment for your registered dentist to check your teeth and gums, as well as general dental health, to ensure you are as healthy as can be.

What Does a Dental Check-Up Appointment Involve?

Typically, at a dental check-up, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine if there are any ongoing issues with your dental health.

Your dentist will also ask about your general health and if you’ve experienced any pressing issues since your last visit. At this point, your dentist can offer some advice and practical solutions to help solve the problem and advise you on ways to alleviate your symptoms, should it be a lifestyle change. 

Other things your dentist may ask about include your general diet, whether you smoke or drink a considerable amount and your cleaning regime. This is so they can build an accurate picture of your oral health and make any useful suggestions to help you improve.

How Often Do I Need A Dental Check-Up?

The recommended frequency of a dental check-up is at least every 12 months. When we think about how much our mouth is responsible for every day, 12 months is a significant amount of time in comparison. 

Those with fewer issues (at the discretion of your dentist) can stretch to one check-up every 24 months, but it’s advised that if you suffer any dental problems in the meantime, you book an appointment to have this checked by your dentist. 

Some with more frequent problems, such as dental conditions or those having ongoing treatment, usually need to be seen once every six months. If you’re unsure of how frequent your appointments should be, speak to your dentist.

I’m Nervous About My Dental Check-Up

Feeling nervous about your upcoming dental check-up appointment is a perfectly natural reaction, and there are ways to alleviate this feeling ahead of time. 

Let your dentist know that you are anxious about your appointment, explaining your feelings and any particular elements of the appointment that cause you worry. Your dentist can then work together with you to make the appointment as relaxing as possible.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, why not try some strategic breathing techniques? These are designed to help calm you down and distract you from your anxiety.

How to Prepare for A Dental Check-Up

There are a few ways you can prepare for a dental check-up appointment. Here are some of our top tips:


  • Double-Check Your Appointment Date & Time: Ensure you leave enough time to arrive on-time. 
  • New Patients: Provide Dental History: Include any medication you’re currently taking as well as any health conditions. 
  • Brush Your Teeth/ Floss Ahead of Time: Clean teeth will give your dentist the best overall picture of your general oral health. 
  • Avoid Coffee/Energy Drinks Before Your Trip: Not only can they cause heightened worry and anxiety, but they can also mask issues that your dentist may need to spot during your visit.
  • If You Deal with Dental Anxiety, Let Us Know! We’ll do all we can to help you feel safe and relaxed at your dental check-up.

Dental Check-Up Services from Lower Earley Family Dental

If you’re due a check-up or you have any queries about your dental health, why not consult the professional and friendly team here at Lower Earley Family Dental? We are highly experienced in dealing with various types of dentistry, including root canal treatments, fillings, veneers, teeth whitening and dental bonding, to name but a few. Get in touch today!